Find the right posture to get your message through


This training aims to raise awareness about the importance of non-verbal communication, with focus on posture and voice. Techniques inspired from martial arts and singing, which I practice with passion, will be presented. The participants will eventually learn how to apply a number of tools in professional situations.


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Amy Cuddy explains part of it in this inspiring video!



Be successful in managing international projects


Leading a project to expected results is challenging. When the project stakeholders are located in different countries and have divergent work cultures, the complexity grows considerably.


This training looks into different key aspects to successful project management, such as stakeholder management, project communication and team-building, in an intercultural context. Based on real examples, the participants will conduct case studies and role plays. The goal is to make the participant familiar with key-issues to consider while working in international projects and give them a tool-kit for how to have an interculturally aware approach to project management.


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Marie Aichagui

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