Those in the world who are hit hardest by climate change aren't the ones who caused it: the Island States are threatened by disappearing because of the rising sea level and desertification in Africa causes farmers to leave their land... It's an unbearable injustice! The Voice Of Freedom sings "Meguru", meagning "Lord have mercy" to demand climate justice.

As CEO of BeautyWaps, me and Olivia Mvondo Boum from the NGO KamerPad FAM together participated in the Women For Climate Justice action. KamerPad offers reusable sanitary pads to schoolgirls in Cameroon and BeautyWaps offers reusable sanitary pads to an Occidental target market. We have decided to start a North-South cooperation. BeautyWaps also sponsors a Girls' Education program in developing countries. Our main motivations in reusable sanitary pads is the huge environmental benefit: a 98% waste reduction is achieved compared to using disposable pads, with all associated energy reduction benefits.



1st Climate Action right after the training - petitioning for Canadian politicians to fight climate change. Great energy within my team!

In July 2015 I had the priviledge to attend the Climate Reality Leadership training by Al Gore in Toronto, Canada. It comforted me by showing we are a strong and numerous global network of diverse people committed to solve the problems of climate change. While applying for the training I had committed to conduct ten acts of climate leadership in a year. After the three days of presentations, panel discussions and passionate exchange with my fellow climate leaders, I left more determined than ever to take action against climate change!


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